Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: How do you know where to deliver?
A: Be sure to put your delivery address under the shipping address section during checkout.

Q: Will you confirm time for delivery?
A: Yes we will! We will call or email you for confirmation on delivery venue and time.

Q: Can we have more than one flavor on a 12 piece order?
A: ​Since we make fresh to order, only 1 flavor per dozen please.

Q: Do you deliver outside Pasadena? 
A: Yes for an additional fee. 

Q: Do you provide set-up and breakdown for major events? 
A: We sure do! 

Q: Do you provide free consultation for parties and events? 
A: Yes we do! We come to you with samples and work with
you on themes, pricing and anything else that's needed to suit your needs. 

Q: How do you compare your cake pops with competition? 
A: My cake pops are hand rolled and specially dipped in best tasting chocolates. I can add simple designs so as not to interfere with texture or taste. It certainly is your miniature cake in one bite size. From what I have heard, it is very irresistible!

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